The SPM is a progressive wing of the SPYL tasked to teach Namibian Children the policies, ideology and program of SWAPO Party, with a noble mission to prepare the Namibian children to become loyal defenders of the Namibian revolution in the future. For  the Namibian children to fulfill their role in the national, anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggle, the SWAPO Pioneer Movement shall be  the  solid  link between the pioneers of Namibia and other militant and progressive pioneer organizations the world over.


The motto of the SPM shall be “Study, Discipline and Vigilance”.


The aims and objectives of the SPM shall fundamentally be those contained in Article 3 (b) of the SWAPO Party Constitution and in Article 3 hereof both the Constitution of SWAPO’ Party and SPYL. In addition the SPM shall strive:-

  • to fully mobilize the Namibian pioneers to take up their rightful place in the defense of their country, development and redistribution of their economy and future leadership of their people;
  • to promote cultural and sports activities among the juveniles so as to ensure a balanced physical and cultural development;
  • to love and respect the fallen heroes of the Namibian struggle for independence;
  • to advance the political and ideological understanding and consciousness of the Namibian pioneers in conformity with the Constitution of SPYL and that of SWAPO Party;
  • to learn and study the history of the Namibian people and to inherit the traditions of our fore-fathers who fought heroically against the forces of colonial invasion and occupation; and
  • to mobilize the Namibian children to tirelessly pursue economic development of Namibia.